Load Cell Rental has selected the Motion Lab’s Load Cell system.


With one large numerical display per cell, the system is quick to set up and easy to read.


Each cell is wired to the 8 way hub, which is then in turn connected by a single cable to the display.


The cell can be up to 300m from the hub, and the hub 1,200m to the display!


The display has many features including peak hold, upper and lower limit indicators and a tare function.

All of our equipment comes in bespoke cases appropriate for the application. Systems of four or 8 are available in pelli cases, suitable for courier transport. Larger system are available in flightcases suitable for touring applications. All systems are sent out with a selection of different lengths of 6 pin XLR, and appropriate mains cables.

The Cell

The Load*Cell is the primary component in the Motion Laboratories manufactured weight monitoring system, the Cell*Mate. The stainless steel Load*Cells work in unison with the eight channel Cell*Mate Hub and Cell*Mate Digital Display module, giving users the opportunity to monitor both dynamic and static loads in unlimited quantities, from one or more remote locations.

2-Ton Load*Cells are fitted with standard 5/8″ rigging shackles with a 3/4″ shaft. 5-Ton Load*Cells are fitted with standard 3/4″ rigging shackles with a 7/8″ shaft. Each universal Load*Cell has a 2-Ton or 5-Ton rating with a built-in 5:1 safety factor.

Each Load*Cell transmits inline force measurements to the eight channel hub unit via a 6 Pin XLR cable. The Cell*Mate Hub unit then sends all channels of data to the Cell*Mate Digital Display module via a single 6 Pin XLR cable. This design greatly decreases setup time by eliminating multiple cable home runs.

Spherical bearings at either end allow the Load*Cells to self-align, eliminating side-load interference and providing the most accurate measurements possible.

The Hub

The eight channel Cell*Mate Hub, combined with the Load*Cell and Cell*Mate Digital Display module, form the most reliable load monitoring system on the market today.

The Cell*Mate Hub gathers data from up to eight Load*Cells and routes it to the Digital Display module via a single 6 Pin XLR cable. The digital signal can be transmitted as far as 4000 feet to the Digital Display module. The Hub requires a separate power input and can accept 120/240VAC through a PowerCon Input Connector.

The Cell*Mate Hub comes complete with a truss clamp, allowing it to be mounted in the rig for flexibility in your setup, which greatly reduces cable clutter by allowing for shorter runs from each Load*Cell. Load Cell Rental Hubs all have a secondary safety bond fitted.

The Display

The Cell*Mate Digital Display module allow users the ability to monitor up to eight channels of Load*Cell data simultaneously from a remote location.

Working together with our universal Load*Cell and Cell*Mate Hub, the display module gives users a wide variety of options for viewing load data.

Each channel provides real time weight measurement displayed in pounds or kilograms. Additionally, each channel has a ten-segment multicolor bar graph representing a percentage of load based on a user-selectable weight limit.

There is a 120% overload watchdog function that will trigger both an LED indicator and a normally open set of contacts. These contacts can be used for a buzzer, siren, light etc to warn the user of an overload situation.

The Cell*Mate Digital Display module receives digitized load data from the Cell*Mate Hub via a single 6 Pin XLR cable. Multiple display units can be used in series for additional monitoring locations. The Peak Hold function allows the user to view peak weight statistics for each Load*Cell. A user-adjustable tare function allows the user to view a secondary weight measurement, i.e. the load minus the weight of the hoist. All products in the Cell*Mate family, The WardeN, The Cell*Mate Digital Display module and the Cell*Mate Hub, are designed with auto switching 100/240VAC 50/60 Hz power supplies allowing for versatility in the field.