Include dynamic load monitoring to your event, ensure you never overload the structure.

Live feedback showing the current load on any and all hanging points is vital in avoiding overloading motors during the installation of flown systems.

Our large digital displays show you live weights, and how they change as you add equipment. Weight should always be evenly distributed between chain hoists, and with a sampling rate of more than 100 times a second, you can see instantly the load per point, allowing you to identify an issue before you can see it in the equipment with slack chains.

Dynamic Loads such as Tracking Video Screens, Moving Trusses and Performer Flying do not necessarily behave as expected, and can cause trusses to become unbalanced.  Live moves can be monitored by linking two displays together, having one in normal operation, and in Peak Hold, you can see the weight now, and the max weight that the cells read during the move.

Ground Support – Using our 4500kg SWL cell system, we can monitor the loads on each tower, showing the overall load and how it is distributed around the roof.

An unexpected distribution of loads can be an indication of a fault in motor control systems, and everyone who is responsible for hanging equipment should keep an eye on what’s going on. Racks of Displays can be duplicated around the stage, so the riggers, motor operators and even the Staging or Venue Technicians, and the Production Office can have a set of linked displays in their area.

Our service includes all the equipment you need, and trained technicians to install and operate the system. Contact us or request a quote.