Load Cell Rental has selected the Broadweigh Load Cell system.


In the time it takes to fit a shackle the Broadweigh Load Cell is ready to go and starts to transmit real time data immediately.


The cells work on dedicated ISM radio frequencies, not WIFI which greatly reduces any chances of interference.


With the RF Base station linked to a laptop via standard USB you can create your own workspace of readings to suit you and your plot.


With a battery life of up to 1500 hours the Broadweigh cell will record and transmit the loading at intervals of your choice and to suit the situation.

The Broadweigh system comes in its own wheeled branded cases and is compact compared with other systems. The system is available with software, RF antenna, a signal booster and a handheld reader all within the price of the cell hire. If you want help setting it all up, we can do that too.

The Cell

Load Cell Rental stock the Version 3, 4.75-ton variant of the Broadweigh Load Cell and it features a robust rugged and compact design based upon a Crosby Safety bow Shackle, into which is mounted a high accuracy load pin.

The cell itself has a transmission range of up to 800 meters but with signal repeaters available the range can be increased if required. This cell is particularly attractive to customers where trim height could be an issue due to its low rigging profile of 130mm while still maintaining a 5:1 safety factor. With accuracy of up to 0.1% of the nominal load and battery life of up to 1500 hours it is the ideal Load Cell solution for most touring situations. The system can be expanded as required to provide for every point of the show if required.

The Extended Range USB Base Station

(Software USB Included)

The base station (RF Aerial) provides a simple plug and play solution to linking the cells to the provided software.

With a range of up to 800 meters this will be sufficient for all applications. The base station is also used to configure the Load Cells to your desired settings prior to installation. If you let us know your requirements we can configure the cells prior to dispatch so they are ready to hang on arrival.

The Wireless Active Repeater

The Repeater can effectively double the range of the base station in reading the cells.

When strategically placed the repeater allows the transmission from the cell to span around objects in the rig or walls and buildings. With an IP65 rating it is suitable for outdoor applications. The repeater can be powered by either battery or external power supply and is easily configured in a similar manner to the cells via the software and RF Base station.

The Handheld Reader

The Handheld reader is a simple and quick use device which once turned on will display a cell number followed by the current loading.

With the press of a button you can cycle through all the cells that are within the reader’s range of 200 metres. If you’re interested in one off recording of the load with a small number of points then this is the easiest solution.