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Recent Clients

We work with most of the largest and influential live acts touring at the moment.

Snow Patrol

Nicki Minaj

Post Malone

Mumford and Sons

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Catalyst EPS

Load Monitoring

Include dynamic load monitoring to your event, ensure you never overload the structure.

Live feedback showing the current load on any and all hanging points is vital in avoiding overloading motors during the installation of flown systems.

Our large digital displays show you live weights, and how they change as you add equipment. Weight should always be evenly distributed between chain hoists, and with a sampling rate of more than 100 times a second, you can see instantly the load per point, allowing you to identify an issue before you can see it in the equipment with slack chains.

Weighing Service.

Include an independently completed, insurance backed assessment of the weight of your flown system.

In recent years, rigging incidents have become disappointingly more frequent. Ensure you have done your bit to reduce the likelihood of these happening on your show.

We can come to your rehearsal or venue, and install Load Cells while you load in, then return hours or days later, once your system is hanging, and record the weight of your flown equipment.

All of our equipment comes in bespoke cases appropriate for the application.

Systems of four or 8 are available in pelli cases, suitable for courier transport. Larger system are available in flightcases suitable for touring applications.

Wired or wireless it’s up to you.


Load Cell Rental stock the Motion Labs wired load cell range available in both 2 ton and 5 ton capacities.
Simple to set up and use while maintaining useful functionality.

The Cell

The Load*Cell is the primary component in the Motion Laboratories manufactured weight monitoring system, the Cell*Mate.

The Hub

The eight channel Cell*Mate Hub, combined with the Load*Cell and Cell*Mate Digital Display module, form the most reliable load monitoring system on the market today.

The Display

The Cell*Mate Digital Display module allow users the ability to monitor up to eight channels of Load*Cell data simultaneously from a remote location.


Broadweigh wireless cells based upon a Crosby shackle fitted with a load sensing pin.
A compact yet fully functional cell which causes very little loss of trim height.

The Cell

The Broadweigh Load Cell is based upon a Crosby Safety Bow Shackle. With a 4.75 ton SWL but only a 130 mm Rigging profile and maintaining a 5:1 Safety factor it is a compact and versatile tool for all rigging applications.

The Wireless

To prevent interference Broadweigh utilizes Dedicated ISM radio frequencies. We have a 100% success rate at reading the cells here at Load Cell Rental.

The Software

With real time readouts you can monitor your point loading’s whilst the build is still in progress. Upper and lower limit settings with alarms, or even send yourself a text, you can ensure no part of the structure becomes overloaded.