When faced with a rather large lighting and sound rig for the 2015 Vasco Rossi tour of Italy, Luca Guidolin, Head Rigger and Gana (Gianluca Ganapini) of Live Nation Italy knew where to turn. On one of his previous tours of the globe in 2013 with Jay Z, Gana had used Load Cell Rental’s weight report service whilst building the set in the UK. Establishing the actual weights of the rig proved to be invaluable on that occasion and so Gana did not hesitate in using LCR’s services again. With Gana giving the project the go ahead LCR dispatched a total of 65 load Cells; 20 of the broadweigh wireless system and 46 Motion Labs cabled cells to Bari in Italy. As part of the weight report service every item of equipment used is recorded so that serviceability can be subsequently proven if required, a technician is provided by LCR for the load in, and a cell placed upon every point of the rig.

Throughout the rehearsal period as equipment was moved about, the schedule changed delaying the completion of the set build but the truss loadings were monitored through out the process and the final report was postponed until all was complete. With the build back on track a technician was sent back to Italy to complete a full weight report of every point in the show. The report proved to be worth the effort with future venues having no queries over the weights involved, as it was all in the independently produced document.

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