Colin Luke of Load Cell Rental Ltd started liaising with Bob from October 2014, and with a provisional booking ensuring availability of the cells for the rehearsal period, it was a matter of waiting for a final plot design to dictate the exact numbers required.
Having weighed up their own requirements and after Liaison with LCR staff, it was decided to use the Motion Labs Wired Load Cell System, “The system is simplicity itself, with a Load cell, an eight way Hub and an eight way display, with connecting cables, for long term installations or touring it is a bulletproof option” Colin Stated.
In order to assist with a smooth first load in at rehearsals Bob also decided to use the installation service offered by Load Cell rental, Colin explained the procedure, “We worked alongside every other department to install the cells in a timely manner and ensuring the system does not get in the way of the show cables. A soon as a motor was hanging we attached a Load Cell and then left the production team to attach the truss and all their own equipment, once they have finished with the truss we connected the cells to the hub on the truss and then one power data loom off the end of the truss with the show cables. Once the trusses got to trim we connected all the looms to a rack of displays and labelled the displays with the plot reference points, any changes made to the truss loadings could then be monitored to ensure safe working loads were maintained” explained Colin.
The system was left in place throughout the rehearsal period and removed at the load out.
Bob O’Brien commented on the service, “I wanted to ensure that I had done all I could to determine precise show weights, and Load Cell Rental provided a hassle free solution which enabled us to monitor the weights during rehearsals and hit the road on tour knowing we were working safely within limits”
Load Cell Rental, now in its third year of trading is experiencing increasing demand for its services from dry hire of cells through to its weight report service.
“I think the people who carry the burden for Health and Safety compliance on their shoulders are starting to recognize the value of using Load Cells and in particular our weight report service which provides an independent report of the shows weights, compliance with CDM regulations is also having an impact this year”. Colin Stated.

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