Rigging is an area of the entertainment business where competency is an absolute requirement, not just a preference. Load Cell Rental, who offer a fully customised weighing and load monitoring service using a calibrated weighing system, recently joined forces with Lift Turn Move Ltd (LTM) to offer opportunities for professional development for those working with motorised hoists. The first two LoadGuard Motor Schools of 2013 were two day courses hosted by Dave Ward (LTM technical manager) at the new training facility of Adlib Solutions in Liverpool at the end of February.

Using the LoadGuard brand of chain hoists, participants had the chance to strip down a machine to its separate component parts before rebuilding it and operating the hoist successfully. Going through that process gave attendees the opportunity to review and build on their technical competencies. From general electrical theory and maintenance, fault finding and troubleshooting to the correct procedures for safe hoist operation and awareness of all the inherent health and safety issues, the two days provided a thorough grounding in professional hoist operation.

The course attracted professionals from all parts of the rigging community as David King, LTM’s operations director comments: “Each course had about 14 spaces on it and they were filled by freelance riggers, hoist technicians and riggers from the UK and European production rental companies as well as representatives from hoist testing and inspection companies.”

Load Cell Rental was keen to be involved and managing director Richard Young explains why: “Our specialised service of load monitoring has become an increasingly important part of lifting operations. By introducing the next generation of technicians to good practice at this early stage as well as offering an opportunity to those reviewing their professional competencies has to be a benefit to the industry as a whole. This was a great opportunity to provide riggers with the necessary skill sets to work with load monitoring protocols.”

King is in full agreement: “It is great that, as an industry, we are able to collaborate on the provision of this sort of professional development and it was great to have Load Cell Rental on board. Within the rigging sector there are lots of people and organisations working on many good initiatives that are moving the industry forward as a professional body. I for one have seen great strides of positive progress and this will continue I am sure.”

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