Colin and Chris from Load Cell Rental have been up to production Park for yet another weight report.  This time it was Bruce Macleod and Mark Edwards on rehearsals for the Mika tour that wanted to know their exact weights. A 70 cell Broadweigh system was used on all the points in the rig, […]

Def Leppard

For the second time within six months Production Manager Phay Mac Mahon has turned to Load Cell Rental to provide weighing solutions for a tour. The first occasion was during a cold and wet February in London at Spandau ballet rehearsals at LH2, the second job a slight change in weather.

Vasco Rossi Italy Tour 2015

When faced with a rather large lighting and sound rig for the 2015 Vasco Rossi tour of Italy, Luca Guidolin, Head Rigger and Gana (Gianluca Ganapini) of Live Nation Italy knew where to turn.

The Script – LH2 Rehearsals

Colin Luke of Load Cell Rental Ltd started liaising with Bob from October 2014, and with a provisional booking ensuring availability of the cells for the rehearsal period, it was a matter of waiting for a final plot design to dictate the exact numbers required.

Pet Shop Boys: Electric

During rehearsals, Load Cell Rental’s Colin Luke headed down to Millennium Studios, to complete a weight report on the custom elements of the flown production. With the band playing a series of festivals, it was important to have an independently certified weight of the items that would be installed for each show. LCR also weighed […]

Load Cell Rental Goes in One Direction

At the start of the X-Factor auditions in 2010, One Direction as a band didn’t even exist.   By the end of the competition they had only come third.  Today, they have sold over 14 million singles and 8 million albums and are credited with sparking the resurgence in the boy band concept and of spearheading […]

Olly Murs – Growing to Scale

Less than five years ago, Olly Murs was just a self proclaimed “normal bloke” auditioning for UK’s X-Factor. A “normal bloke” with an amazing voice. In his initial appearance on the show, Simon Cowell claims Murs was the “easiest yes” he’s ever given. Since then, things have certainly changed for this soulful pop artist. With three […]

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