For the second time within six months Production Manager Phay Mac Mahon has turned to Load Cell Rental to provide weighing solutions for a tour. The first occasion was during a cold and wet February in London at Spandau ballet rehearsals at LH2, the second job a slight change in weather. Having yet again taken the helm of a Def Leppard tour Phay arranged for the rig to be weighed at the inaugural US show in Tampa Florida. A total of 60 Motion Labs cells were sent out from Load Cell Rentals US East coast base at Rock Lititz. With US crews being busy a technician was sent over from the UK and over a four day period, despite the constant torrential rain and lightning, the report was completed. As a result of using the cells slight adjustments in motors and rigging were made to ensure safety for the rest of the tour.

With a video wall consisting of 364 Flyer 12 Video wall panels with inbuilt metal shutters the weight came in at 13,770 pounds or 6,245 kgs. Head Rigger Dan Michaels made the decision to tour a set of seven cells in order to be able to monitor the distribution of the weight along the truss at every load in. The tour has now hot the road with an accurate assessment of the show weights so that all future venues can see the report for themselves.

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